MOA Committee Registration

Buying Club The mission of the Buying Club Committee is to use and develop the collective knowledge and experience of its members to progress towards creating cooperatively owned coop markets in our cities.

Members meet via phone conference call every 1st Thursday of the month at 7:00pm central time.   The phone number is 218-339-4600 and the code is 293088#.  People who have buying clubs in their city, or are interested in starting one join by participating in the conference call.  

Cooperative Corporation The mission of the Cooperative Corporation Committee is to establish and ensure compliance with MOA Policy regarding fiscal policy and non-profit status of the Buying Clubs.  Members meet on Tuesdays on an as needed basis.  People who have experience running a buying club may participate as members of the Cooperative Corporation Committee.

Credit Union and Banking  The Credit Union and Banking Committee is an investigating committee for the development of our own credit union and banking system, by investing and pooling our resources from buying clubs and cooperative corporations for stores and businesses.

Farming and Gardening The Farming and Gardening committee shares information and expertise between hobby gardeners and experts.  The goal of the committee is the development of various techniques to enhance quality and production moving toward industrial farming.  Members meet via phone conference call every 1st Wednesday of the month.

News and Information   The News and Information committee disseminates information via direct mailing lists,, ,, and .

Real Estate The Real Estate Committee is dedicated to the acquisition, proper use and development of real property for the Ministry of Agriculture