At the 10K Fearless Headquarters in Phoenix we installed a garden.  Brother Kenny Muhammad financed it and I provided the labor and gardening care.  I put in eight 12 feet by 3 feet by 1 foot high boxes.  Brothers Abdul and Ray installed the irrigation so all I had to do was install the drip lines, sprayers, flag, etc.  I ordered and had delivered well over five yards of compost and used a shovel and wheel barrow to fill each bed with soil.  “Instant results” were needed so I purchased transplants instead of seeds.  All in all we did pretty well.  We had squash until the bugs came, the cucumbers did not do so well, the herbs did well, we had small yellow grape tomatoes, okra, hot peppers, lots of basil and lots of eggplant. I planted bell peppers with the eggplant and it got lost in the eggplant jungle.    I would find okra all on the ground where somebody had cut them off.  But I remember seeing at least 30 eggplant and days before I decided to harvest I received these pictures of eggplant thieves! ericimg_7961 grandma2img_7964

I call them thieves because my only helpers have been people under the age of 20!  The people you see in these photos have not lifted a hand to pull one weed!  But they gladly steal eggplants with delight!  Sometimes a neighbor will stop by and ask for this or that like Juan.  But Juan came by one Saturday morning and did some work for the eggplants he received!  Moral of the story:  Stop stealing and do some work to earn your eggplants!