Buying Clubs

What is a Buying Club ?

“In a buying club a group of friends and families get together to purchase in bulk together. No real paperwork or organizational structure needs to be in place. However, a little organization and written records might help (smile).” “We just want to emphasize that it is not the paperwork, but it is the group's determination to work together that is the key for success. This is why we suggest starting small and working with people that you already know, TRUST, and can depend on. Of course that may be a tall order in itself.” ~ Dr. Ridgley A. Mu’min Muhammad


 Why is it important?

“Our knowledge of self, others, and the time should force us to become more prudent in our spending. Unnecessary spending by trying to keep pace with the wealthy of this country has done more to put us on the path of the 'prodigal son' than anything else. Let us be taught how to spend and save by those of us who desire to see us out of poverty and want.” ~ The Honorable Elijah Muhammad - A Sound Economic Plan I, Message To The Blackman, page 194.