Durham, NC - MOA Saviours' Day Activities

Durham, NC – MOA Saviours’ Day Activities

February 15, 2015

As-Salaam Alaikum,

In Durham, NC, we plan on having a panel discussion workshop on the “Keys To Feeding Ourselves”. Clips from the Minister from the Time & What Must Be Done Pt. 36 will be used as well as the visual aids that were given to us (MOA Saviours’ Day Banner & MOA/3 Yr. Economic/Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint posters).

The main points that will be discussed are “Get Started-Ways to Growing Food: Urban Gardening and Gardening with your Own Land”; 3 Yr. Economic/Staple Goods, Distribution Challenges & Solutions; and lastly, Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint, how can we help/support nationally & locally. We plan on having an information booth with a sign-in sheet, Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint pamphlets, Staple Goods info. & other info. on gardening as well as a souvenir bookmark with seeds attach for people to get started growing. We plan on having special local guests, black farmers who will participate as well.

The program will be 1 and 1/2 hrs., which its a limited time but we discussed that Insha’Allah, this workshop will be the beginning of many more to make our people aware of the necessity of controlling our food.