MOA Saviours' Day Workshops!

MOA Saviours’ Day Workshops!

Saviours’ Day Workshop Schedule

Friday February 19, 2015: The Macro View of Agricultural Development: 10:30-12:30 Rm 260 Cobo Center

  1. History of Agriculture in America with specific interest on Black farmers and the Black urban community: Dr. Ridgely Muhammad:  10 min
  2. Mission of the MOA :2 min
  3. Economic Warfare: 5 min
  4. The Cuban dual model of urban and rural agriculture:  5 min
  5. Urban Gardening: Sis. Majeida Muhammad :10 min
  6. The Messenger’s farms: Bro Cornelius Muhammad: 10 min
  7. How integration has destroyed Black economic development: Bro Louis Ali 10 min
  8. The role of youth in Agricultural Development: Bro. Shakir Jones and Bro. Scott  Muhammad:  10 min
  9. Interaction with audience: Relationship between the “farm” and the “village.” 45 min


Saturday February 20, 2015: The Micro View of Muhammad Farms and MOA Development: 12:00-2:00 Rm 260 Cobo Center

  1. Future enterprises at Muhammad Farms: Dr. Ridgely: 5 Min
  2. Value Added to wheat: Dr. Ridgely: 10 min
  3. Dairy operation: Bro Kelvin Edwards: 10 min
  4. Poultry operation: Bro Shelton Muhammad: 10 min
  5. Vegetables and Melons production and Distribution: Dr. Ridgely: 5 min
  6. Transportation of Products: Bro Reeco Muhammad: 10 min
  7. Developing Local Ministries of Agriculture: Bro. Terrence Muhammad (Phoenix): 10 min
  8. Problems and solutions with buying clubs: Sis Yvette Muhammad: 10 min
  9. Building new structures on Muhammad Farms: Bro Eddie Muhammad and Bro. Horatio Muhammad: 10 min
  10. Reaching out to the masses, ie. Blogtalk etc: Sis. Intisar Muhammad, Bro Sherman Muhammad: 10 min
  11. The History, benefits of the Staple Goods Project Coop (signing people up): Sister Anne Muhammad: 10 min
  12. Introduction of MOA Committees for sign up. 20 min