Saviours' Day 2015

Saviours’ Day 2015


As we continue to celebrate the coming of God in Person, Master W. D. Fard, in this wonderful Saviours’ Day 2015, Albany, Georgia MOA would like to share some of our Saviours’ Day Weekend experience with you.

First, my husband, Brother Carlton Muhammad and I were grateful to have the opportunity to reach out and share the work of our National Ministry of Agriculture, under the guidance of Dr. Ridgely Mu’min and his great helpmeet Sis Anne. 0221151215

This opportunity took us to our Southern Regional Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. As believers and guests attended workshops coordinated by the College Park Study Group in collaboration with the Atlanta Mosque, many vendors were blessed with the opportunity to show and offer for sale various products. One vending/informational table was set up by my husband and I to represent the great work we in the National Ministry of Agriculture are doing by Allah’s Permission all over our Nation through the various programs: Staple Goods, Buying Clubs, Co-ops, Farming and Gardening, Agricultural Education and Research current as well as historical, Founder’s Day Celebration and much more.

On display was our National Ministry of Agriculture Informational Poster Board showing  the Mission of our National Ministry, Facts and statistics regarding land loss among black farmers, Supporting The Three Year, Founder’s Day, Crops grown on Muhammad Farms as well as our progress with our National Staple Goods Program. Also displayed on our Muhammad Farms Ministry of Agriculture table were well received books by Dr. Ridgely Mu’min to include his most recent educational awakening: Commonomics II: The Sheep, Sheepdog, and Evil Shepard. Additional table items included NOI Research Group’s Defending Farrakhan 2, MOA Calendars 2015, Seed packets and Muhammad Farms Whole Wheat Flour as well as products made with our Flour; Homemade Breads, Rolls and of course that wonderful, World’s Best bean pie! Delicious, homemade pear preserves and custom blended spices were also available.

It was wonderful, and believers and guests alike spent time sharing their agricultural stories, ideas, past experiences, work, etc., at the table. Some asking when will we have our next Staple Goods program, they are ready to order. One Sister said, ”I miss getting my staple goods.” There were greetings, well wishes and gratitude for Dr. Ridgely and Sister Anne and all of their hard work as well as folks signing up to be more involved with the Ministry of Agriculture in the future.


What a great intro to a wonderful finale, the crowning event of the so-called Black History Month, The Saviours’ Day Address by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. And aren’t we blessed, that he will give us part 2, this upcoming Sunday. Allah Willing!

Happy Saviours’ Day Ministry of Agriculture Family and May Allah Continue to Bless our WORK!

Your Sister in the Work,

Sister Majeedah Muhammad

Bronwood, GA