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Order Your Staple Goods Today!

Its that time to place your order for Staple Goods 12! Get your Muhammad Farms Whole Wheat Flour, Cream of Whole Wheat, Beans, Lentils, Sugar, Mxodus Coffee, Olive Oil, Seasonings, Natural Soap and More here […]

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Independent Black Farmers Press Conference held July 13, 2013

Black Farmers cry out for help against the US Government

By Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad   July 16, 2013
Watch press conference and read article below.  (Read the press release)

Ironically on the same day, July 13, 2013, that the not guilty verdict […]

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“The Farm is the Engine of Our National Life” blogtalkradio program airing Saturdays 7pm CST 8pm EST

April 21, 2013
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The Nation of Islam Ministry of Agriculture will begin airing our weekly BlogtalkRadio program, “The Farm is the engine of our National life” dedicated to news, reports, and information on farming, food, and feeding a self-reliant black community. Tune in every Saturday at 8pm Eastern […]

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