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Staple Goods Ordering begins October 15, 2017!

Its almost time! to get your Muhammad Farms Whole Wheat Flour, Cream of Whole Wheat, Muffin Mix, Beans, Lentils, Sugar, Mxodus Coffee, Olive Oil, Seasonings, Natural Soap and more.

Please review our Staple Goods Product List then come back to place orders online or in person with your […]

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Celebrate Founder’s Day 2017 at Muhammad Farms

Founder’s Day Celebration

July 1- 2, 2017

Muhammad Farms

2569 Southpoint Rd

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Anybody can do this!

December 14, 2016

You don’t need 1600 acres to plant your vegetable garden!  You can use a pot or in this case a box.  This wooden box is 1’ by 2’ feet at the most and is 9” deep.  I just filled it with some compost that I purchased and […]

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At the 10K Fearless Headquarters in Phoenix we installed a garden.  Brother Kenny Muhammad financed it and I provided the labor and gardening care.  I put in eight 12 feet by 3 feet by 1 foot high boxes.  Brothers Abdul and Ray installed the irrigation so all I […]

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